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Pure Cashmere

In search of a creative outlet W Concept teamed up with 4 independent dancers of NYC. Cashmere sweaters became the blank sheets of canvas, and the figures and movements were being drawn by the dancers. As we progressed, we witnessed the artistic freedom deeply rooted in contemporary dance's creative process. From improvisation to skillfully choreographed routines, capturing those very moments brought the sheer simplicity of Cashmere to life.

About Dancers


Paul began his training in the suburbs of Chicago with Forum Jazz Dance Theatre. He graduated from Loyola Marymount in LA, and was awarded the Outstanding Student Performer by American College Dance Festival Association and Dance Magazine. He has performed with BARE Dance Company, Ledges and Bones Dance Project, and recently, San Francisco-based LEVYdance. Paul relocated to New York for his career in dance.


Kacie Boblitt was born and raised in Houston, Texas. From University of Arizona she earned a BFA degree in Dance. Upon graduation, Kacie relocated to NYC where she performs with Lane Gifford/LaneCoArts, Emily Schoen, Kim Gair and LoundHound Movement. In addition, Kacie traveled to Montreal, Quebec where she had the opportunity to perform Crystal Pite's work "Dark Matters" as a part of Springboard Danse Montreal.


Elettra Cianferoni was born in Florence, Italy. After she turned 18 she picked dance as her principal major at SUNY Purchase Performing Arts. Today she is working for several theatrical and dance projects in New York City. After graduation she hopes she will be working with dance and arts companies.


Matriculated into Korea National University of Art, School of Dance Hoyoung Shin was a scholarship student for her outstanding practical technic. She has won the 1st prize by senior year in 2012 9th Seoul International Dance Competition. She then earned a scholarship to prestigious Alvin Ailey School in New York where now she resides and performs.

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