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A drip painting by definition is a form of abstract art in which the paint is dripped or poured onto canvas to create dots and lines which then forms into a figure. What's fascinating about Paul Richard's drip painting is that he uses the same technique but employees it in a way that the painting is completed in one stroke of a single drip.

Music by - Mick Alig 'Route 303'

Who is Paul Richard?
Paul Richard's drip paintings are frequently seen on the sidewalks of
Lower Manhattan and different parts of Brooklyn, and are surely perceived as
being vandalistic by some, radical artistic expression by others.
Yet for an artist who is oftentimes arrested for public vandalism,
Paul Richard comes from surprisingly mainstream means.
A Harvard graduate with a Bachelors in social science, he is a loving father to
a daughter, a dog lover, and now well into his 40s, his trademark outfit is a suit.
A painter whose skills are entirely self taught, Paul Richard works in
his Brooklyn studio and resides in Manhattan.

Artist Collaboration Project

More than simply putting art on
piece of garment that are loved
by mainstream demand,
W Concept wishes to take a
bolder step and become intimate
with the artists of emerging
skills and talent who have yet to
have enjoyed the exposure
they deserve.

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